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Masternodes Hosting

Cryptocurrency and Masternodes hosting company specializing in setting up and hosting masternodes.

Secure Information

Secure information, no one by any means has access to your wallet or take a certain percentage of your earnings

Access Your Information

You have complete freedom to access information about your masternode anytime on any device from anywhere.

Unlimited Support

We support all hosting plans, with unlimited support, & a physical address should you need to come consult in person.

“Setting up Masternodes is almost impossible for somebody who does not have
technical skills. We help do the hard work for you.

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Affordable Masternodes Hosting Plans

We make hosting your masternode easier, efficient and secure, You don’t need any technical skills to use our website. We provide a user friendly interface making it easy for anyone to host and run a Masternode

$ 100

Licence Fee

Full Membership

Future Masternodes Installations

Renewed Annually

$ 10x3 Months


Paid Every 3 Months

Deploys Single Masternode

Technical Support

$ 10x6 Months


Paid Every 6 Months

Deploys Single Masternode

Technical Support

$ 10x12 Months


Paid Per Annum

Deploys Single Masternode

Technical Support