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How It Works


We apply masternodes update for you automatically. We Monitor your nodes 24/7 in case of system errors and bugs.


Our technical team are always available should you need assistance or to add more masternodes into your portfolio


We use Cold Wallet Setup so your Coins never have to leave your wallet. We do not have access to your Coins.


We are just a Hosting company and do not take any profits from your earnings. You have a full control of your wallet and earnings.


Masternodes are decentralized servers hosting a certain coin e.g Dash and Zcoin. You are rewarded for hosting these certain coins. This is one of the best ways of making passive income because chances of you losing are very slim as these coins function on the number of people taking part in them, unlike trading, you do not have to do anything with masternodes.


To run a Masternode you need to choose a certain coin and buy the amount needed in order to start a masternode on it. This amount is called a collateral, Websites like masternodes.online have these information you can click the link to see most of the coins that can run masternodes. The most well perfoming coin is Dash.


After buying the collateral, Go to your wallet -> File -> Receiving address, Create a new Receiving address ( Do not use common names e.g MN ) and leave the address bar empty it will be automatically generated.

Step 2: Go to Tools -> Debug concole and type “masternodegenkey” copy and paste this key somewhere safe, do not lose it, Still on the debug console type “masternode outputs” you will get

Step 3: You will get an output like the one above, The first long random key is your transaction ID and the interger is you index, These are important copy and paste them somewhere safe together with the first genkey.

Step 4: Copy and paste the required information to the spaces provided on our website and click “Submit”.

Step 5: Go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File, Copy and paste the information we will provide for you.

Your Masternode will be online shortly we will notify you when it comes online.