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What Are Masternodes?

Masternodes are a type of node that performs specialized functions on a Blockchain. They are servers that are established by community members once they have fulfilled certain criteria.

Masternodes are also known as bonded validator systems. Masternodes can be seen as a new way to make passive income, There is no trading involved all you do is setup a decentralized server and you get rewarded, its that easy.

Why should you invest in Masternodes?

 They provide instant transactions with Less charges
 They provide more privacy on your transactions
 There is more interaction between the user and the owners of the coin, you can suggest and vote directly to the administrators and development teams.

How Much Money Can Masternodes Earn?

That simply depends on the type of coin selected, Different coins have different earnings, it also depends whether your coin appreciates or depreciates in value over the coming years, most likely its best to do a research on the coin you plan on deploying a masternode on.